Telegram Bots


Add Bot


Service for SMS account activation. Lowest price,


Age Analysis


The bot may analyze a photo of a person you are se




Sensay is a chatbot that connects you with other S


Age Recognition


The bot may analyze a photo of a person you are se


U Mad


U Mad bot helps you to find funny gif and pictures


Yandex Image Search


Yandex Image Search is a bot that searches for pic


Netflix news


Netflixnewsbot provides you with daily updates abo


Sneaker Bits


Sneakers Bits is a bot for keeping you updated on




Dictionary bot is an application that explains the


My AliExpress


My Aliexpress is a searching bot for the website a




As it could be judged from the name, Yandex Transl




Guggy is a bot that sends you GIFs for keywords yo


Washington PostFreeBooks


FreeBooks Bot is searching and downloading books i


Washington Post


The chatbot of one of the U.S. toppest medias. You




TempMail bot creates temporary e-mail address that




TransferRobot works as a free of charge storage th


Instant Translate


This bot lets you translate freely between 104 lan




InstaSave provides you with link to download video




بوت لرمزيات الانمي سوف تجدون رمزيات للانميات المض




جمع مؤشرات Google وعمليات البحث واتجاهات Twitter و




I receive E-Mail and deliver them to you through T




Set up watermark to your photos, GIFs and video




❀ بّــوَتْ الُقًرَآنَ الُكِرَيَمٌ ❀ يَحُتْــوَي




This bot automatically works in all your chats and


Wikipedia Search


This bot can help you find and share links to Wiki




This bot can help you send bold or italic text to


YouTube Search


This bot can help you find and share videos. It wo


Learn English


A bot for learning English easily through collocat


Soccer Goals Bot


Gets goal highlights. Channels also availble for i


Dr Web


This bot can ensure safety of files and links tran


Save Video


SaveVideoBot is no longer available to assist you


Get Music


GetMusicBot can search music in SoundCloud and sen